NoKiimo is a simple garment- sophisticated and timeless. Its design and concept springs from the form of the traditional Japanese kimono. It is the intersection of East meets West. NoKiimo is a unisex garment for people of all ages who support the idea of sustainable fashion, and desire exquisite craftsmanship and quality. NoKiimo adapts to today’s modern production methods while producing an exclusive garment.

NoKiimo is multi-functional in that it can be worn both as a formal or informal piece of clothing. The design allows for freedom of movement, and all Nokiimos are constructed so they are completely reversible. One side is more strict and can be used for daily purposes. Reverse it, and glamorous interior can be revealed for formal evening wear.

By using a variety of materials, the same model has different functions and appearances. The selection of material combinations are made when ordering. Only natural materials of the highest quality are used – matte yarn wools, silks, ramie, flax, and upcycled kimono fabrics. This guarantees that the NoKiimo will last and age beautifully. The existing sizes range from 36-44 for women and 40-55 for men. Each NoKiimo is made in a limited edition, and some are unique, one-of-a-kind garments. Every NoKiimo is constructed by experienced craftsmen which is customised and tailored in production facilities in Sweden and Estonia.

Nokiimo updates and modernizes the classic kimono form for the needs of today. It is an encounter with East meeting West. The reversible garment suits both men and women of all ages. The same model can be constructed with a variety of different fabrics with the majority in natural materials such as fine wool, silks, linen, cotton, hemp and upcycled kimono fabrics. Depending on the fabrics chosen, the Nokiimo can be used in different seasons and various climates.

Each Nokiimo is made in a limited edition or is unique. Our focus is to create long-lasting garments of quality, constructed by experienced tailors and craftsmen in Sweden. The Nokiimo has been presented in galleries and showcased at events on Gotland and in Stockholm, as well as in Hong Kong, BODW (Business of Design Week). Nokiimo is both a functional piece of clothing, and an evolving work of art. Nokiimo’s design intermingles traditional culture with contemporary life.